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Empowered coexistence
between people and wildlife.

OurWorld exists to catalyze the transition to a sustainable and just world for all the life on Earth.

We envision a world where nature is respected, human dignity is maintained, and ecosystems are sustainably protected for future generations.​

What are the issues?

Habitat Fragmentation

Habitat fragmentation is when large swaths of wild spaces get separated into smaller tracts of land. This means that plants and animals have a harder time dispersing. This is especially dangerous in our rapidly changing climate, as plants and animals will need to move to different areas in order to adapt to climate change.


When crops are vulnerable to price gauging and crop raiding, people are put into an adversarial relationship with wildlife. It doesn't need to be this way. We work with our local partners and collaborate with other organizations to promote human-wildlife-coexistence. However, coexistence is not an easy task. It takes a great deal of research, ingenuity, grit, and determination to see win-win solutions flourish. Resiliency is hard won, which is why we are there every step of the way.

Inadequate Livelihoods

Often, farmland is created close to protected areas, because the forest and jungles provide rich nutrients to the soil. Traditionally monocropped agriculture depletes the soil, and farmers are left to find new land. In Thailand, where we do a significant amount of our work, dominant crops are sugarcane, corn, and casava. These cash crops are not only detrimental to the soil, but they create vulnerability as large-scale buyers can dictate the price at harvest. Additionally, elephants love tasty crops like sugarcane, corn, and pineapple! So the farmers also have to worry about wild animals coming and raiding the crops.

Siloed Solutions

In the face of grand challenges, we need to have collaborative and integrated solutions. Right now, we are seeing solutions being tested in a vaccuum, but the world doesn't work that way. We are here to act as a convening organization to span the boundaries of fields and biases in order to bring changemakers together for the sake of human wellbeing and biodiversity protection.

Our Integrated Solutions



We support changemakers and environmental organizations by working to fill the gaps needed for their growth and development.

Together we work to develop and strengthen the skills, abilities, and resources that organizations and communities need to further their mission and thrive in a fast-changing world.



Our team helps to develop curricula that connect schools and organizations with real world issues and solutions.

We are working to integrate sustainability and environmental topics into global primary and secondary education through digital field trips and curriculum consulting.



We act as catalysts and conveners - connecting individuals, resources, and ideas to further collaborative projects and initiatives around the world.


By collaborating with researchers, educators, and advocates, we grow a community of empowered global citizens.  

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This photo was taken by Neil Challis on the 3199 Highway in Kanchanaburi, Thailand directly adjacent to Salakphra Wildlife Sanctuary.

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