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We pursue our vision by building on the existing  capacity of ecosystem health organizations, enhancing sustainability education, and connecting and advocating for global change oriented organizations and practitioners.

Human-Elephant Coexistence Workshop

We are collaborating with OurLand to host a community workshop in Kanchanaburi, Thailand focused on mitigating human-elephant conflicts in the area and finding pathways towards coexistence for both the people and elephants. Together we are seeking to facilitate the shift from conflict towards coexistence for communities surrounding Salakphra Wildlife Sanctuary.


Ecosystem Sustainability Curriculum

There is a dire need for better environmental and sustainability education in K-12 schools around the globe. We’re developing a collaborative curriculum with OurLand that bridges the gap between theoretical recognition and strategic action by connecting classrooms with real-world environmental & sustainability challenges and climate change solutions. This is done in a model which supports the growth of those conservation efforts and makes the education available to communities directly impacted by these challenges and involved in the development of the solutions.


OurLand Capacity Building

OurWorld is working together with OurLand to build upon their existing capacity to improve the sustainability of their organization. By utilizing the abilities and expertise of our staff and seeking outside assistance as necessary, we are able to support their mission to conserve and expand wild spaces while ensuring human-wildlife coexistence.

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Tom Yum Support

The Tom Yum Project by Bring the Elephant Home is a community-based conservation project which supports human-elephant coexistence, biodiversity and ecosystem health, and sustainable agricultural practices and livelihoods. OurWorld is proud to support the Tom Yum Project by working to connect their community's products with stores and markets in the USA - creating avenues of sustained support for this model community!

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